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JADS (The Jordanian Association of Dental Students) is a non-governmental, non-profit, students association found by Jordanian Dental Students in August 2012, that aims to empower dental students across Jordan thorough all kinds of medical, voluntary and cultural aspects in the region and world-wide, and involve students in community and humanitarian voluntary work to benefit the national community. JADS has seven committees; Medical awareness and Screening, Scientific, Human Rights, Training,  Social, Exchange and Editorial. JADS is part of IADS.


It's not how much we give

but how much love we put into giving


A. Empower dental students across Jordan through all kinds of medical, voluntary and cultural events in the region and world-wide.

B. Facilitate communication between students, trainees and internal structures concerned.

C. Involve students in community, cultural, humanitarian and familiarize them with voluntary work, so as part of this community we can give something back.

D. Promote the cultural, sport, and extracurricular activities among members.

E. Provide scientific guidance and teaching students of Dentistry through training, and organizing forums, seminars and conferences.

F. Participate in the maintenance and improvement of working conditions within the faculty and the clinics.

G. To promote and get in touch with dental students association in the region and worldwide.

H. To participate and promote international programs in the field of dentistry and other fields of interest to dental students.

Our Mission

Jordanian Association of Dental Students 


Phone: +962 777 154 769

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