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Executive Board

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Sara Al-fuqaha


General Secretory

Nadeen Haj Ahmad


Vice President

Yazan Dalbah



Raghda'a Naser

Human Rights Committee

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As privileged healthcare providers, we have got a responsibility to fulfill. While it might be impossible to grant every living soul their full rights as humans, we can always try and make someone’s life a little better. 

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JU Officer

Aurora Taweel


JUST Officer

Nejood Hawari

Medical Awareness Committee

medical awareness committee.png

As we all know our greatest wealth is our health .
The Medical Awareness and Screening committee gives you an opportunity to participate and organize events that include different groups of our society to improve and rise their level of awareness regarding oral and medical health , as well as screening individuals for oral diseases .
Always remember that one word or action from you can make a big effect . Join us now to help in  making difference .


JU Officer

Marah Zayadeen


JUST Officer

Tasneem Muhssin

Social Activities Committee

social activities committee.png

The social & extracurricular activities committee is called the fun committee for a reason, it organizes fun, stress relieving & fundraising events. So if you’re a positive person who’s always thoughtful and smiling, you’ll be perfect for this committee, let’s break the routine and make this journey truly unforgettable, apply now and become a part of something that’ll help you improve your communications with dental and non-dental peers in order to grow in ways you never imagined posible.

57ABD759-FB5B-41EA-9F2A-7DBD3E2F6419 - Dana Al-Qudah.jpg

JU Officer

Dana Al-Qudah


JUST Officer

Raghad Hammad

Training Committee

training committee.png

Training Committee is more than just a committee. Members who join update and train themselves on soft skills, including how to lead, manage their time and anger, solve problems, organize and communicate through attending workshops, training sessions, and events held by the committee. Moreover, the committee also collaborates with external trainers to benefit from their experiences. Our aim this year as Officer and Co-officer is to train others to expand their skills and knowledge that are fundamental for a successful dentist. Signing up for this committee is definitely worth it.

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Balqees Theeb



Abla Hamarneh

Exchange Committee

exchange committee.png

Exchange Committee focuses on giving JADS members a chance to travel abroad on clinical exchange programs, whilst hosting its own programs in Jordan!

By joining our committee, we can work hand-in-hand in organizing new programs & hosting dental students from all around the world. 

Feel like you need to add a little colour to the rather, dull student life? Join our team, it’s going to be a fun, promising year!

014F3421-0EF6-4919-B205-40BD167D1009 - Aiah Haroun.jpeg


Aiah Haroun

Scientific Committee

scientific committee.png

Attention to details results in success, achievement, and satisfaction. It is what makes a "good" experience become a "fantastic" one. 

Our scientific committee aspires to provide you with necessary skills to keep pace with the ever-growing dental sciences.
By joining this committee, you will be working on many major events within JADS, such as organizing clinical workshops, the grand conference, seminars and lectures for fellow dental students and fresh grads.


JU Officer

Sara Al-Fuqaha

E6ED214C-E6B1-4E9B-8705-E29DB96EBC96 - Natalie Deir.jpeg

JUST Officer

Natalie Deir

Editorial Committee

editorial committee.png

In the light of college burdens, it's astonishing that you can be a part of a committee at the privilege of home.

Editorial committee lays on the lap of connection luxury, where you will be linked with all other committees to design, document, promote, and publish all their distinct events. 
Take advantage of all of your hidden talents of writing, editing, designing JADS marvellous posts for the sake of revealing your skills and mastery. 

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Hala Rabah



Areej Al-Shweiki


Social Media

B26604E5-B0A2-4441-BE23-194E0B18A98D - Dania Ahmad.jpeg


Dania Qaituqa


Ola Haha

Our Committees
Our Committees

A look back at our events from 2020/21

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Our Committees
Our Committees

A look back at our events from 2020/21

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